Mr A Pembleton BEd (Hons) NPQH
'Learning Together to Achieve Forever'

Writing at Wrekin View

As a school we endorse the view that all children’s writing should be valued and have adopted an emergent writing approach.  However, children’s writing is encouraged to emerge alongside a thoroughly planned programme of phonics, spelling and sentence level work.  On entering school children are encouraged to write and as a staff we value all their writing regardless of its developmental stage.  We have adopted a magic line for children to use when they are unsure of all the phonemes/ letters in a word eg.

               c_m for came.

As a school we feel that this will encourage children to write from the earliest possible time.

Foundation stage


Children enter Nursery with a range of early literacy experiences.  The majority of children arrive with language skills well below national averages.  The children take part in early phonics and move onto the Read Write Inc lessons, when they are ready.  To begin with, the focus of Early Phonics is to develop language skills through songs, games, toys, stories and rhymes. 

Each day, as the children enter the Nursery, they write their name with their parents or carers.  In the Nursery, there are resources set out to encourage independent writing.  Many of the planned activities for the children are aimed at developing their fine motor skills, in order to prepare them for mark making and writing.


Children in Reception have a writing lesson each day.  Each group has a guided session with the class teacher during the week.  Teachers plan different provocations to spark children’s learning called ‘Planned Independent Activities’.  Children choose which PIA to go to, where their writing is developed.

Key Stage 1 & 2

Children take part in writing lessons each day based around a genre of writing.  Good quality texts, films or experiences are chosen as a stimulus for writing.  The different genre is taught over a period of weeks so that the children can become immersed in the different features.  Teachers model a style of writing each day to encourage the correct letter formation and high quality vocabulary.  A group of children will be guided, during the lesson, by the class teacher while other groups write independently.  Each week the children write independently for a ‘Wrekin Write’, which could be independent from the genre being taught.

Planning and Assessment

All teachers have had training in developing children’s writing skills and assessing their progress using writing APP and level descriptors.  This is completed every 3 or 4 weeks and the children are informed of the level, via a blue slip in their books.  There is a consistent planning format for writing, with a starter activity, main teach, guided/independent activities and a plenary.