Mr A Pembleton BEd (Hons) NPQH
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School Fund

“Voluntary Funds often provide schools with a substantial additional source of income. Although such funds are not public money, the standards for the guardianship of these funds need to be as rigorous as those for the administration of the school’s delegated budget. Parents, pupils and other benefactors are entitled to receive the same standards of stewardship for the funds to which they have contributed” – (Keeping Your Balance, Audit Commission, October 2000).

The DfE Schools Financial Value Standard requires “Governing Bodies to confirm that they have adequate arrangements for the audit of voluntary funds” (Department of Education 2011).

In addition to Public Funds, schools have always looked to parents, friends and their local community for additions to their main income.  These are often known as the school’s private or voluntary funds and would include any funds raised in the name of the school, eg, Mufti Day, Uniform Sales etc.

The Audited School Fund for the last Academic Year is attached for your information.

  1. Wrekin View School Fund 31 August 2016 Audit
  2. Wrekin View School Fund 31 August 2015 Audit