Mr A Pembleton BEd (Hons) NPQH
'Learning Together to Achieve Forever'

School Community

Although Community Cohesion is no longer reported on by Ofsted, we at Wrekin View believe that the Community is at the heart of everything we hope to achieve.

Wrekin View Primary School and Nursery continues to works hard to secure a thriving, cohesive community, while recognising the vital part it has to play in building a cohesive society for the future.  At Wrekin View we wish to show that through our ethos and curriculum we can promote a common sense of identity and support diversity, showing pupils how different communities can be united by common experiences and values.  We believe that it is our duty to address issues of ‘how we live together’ and ‘dealing with difference’ however challenging they may seem.

To this end, we have successfully created a cooperative learning community called The Wrekin Cooperative Learning Trust which we hope will help to inbed the cooperative societies values within our own commitment to achieve the best we can.

"An emphasis on community cohesion in schools enables pupils to understand the differences between cultures and backgrounds. It also demonstrated the role of schools as key drivers of functioning, safe and vibrant neighbourhoods."  David Blunkett MP