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Parent Survey Results and Feedback

The latest Parent Survey is attached below along with the most up to date Learning Passport Survey.

Here are some parent feedback comments received in school:

2015 Spring Term Parents Evening

Reception “Everything is fine!”

Reception “We are pleased with the progress my child has made starting in reception; he talks a lot about school in a very positive way and enjoys attending”

Reception “My child really loves breakfast club and the ladies that run it, and they’re both very helpful.

Reception “My child always comes out of school happy and bouncy, and I am satisfied she is learning well and interacting with others in a positive manner”

Year 1   “Excellent! That is all!”

Year 1   “Thank you for all the support you have given my child, we are pleased with all the strategies that are used in class, and teachers make the curriculum fun and accessible.

Year 1&5   “I have two children at this school and both are very happy and settled”         

Year 1&3   “With the new head teacher we have now noticed a massive difference (positive) may I add.”

Year 1   “Very pleased with progress, like the new homework format”

Year 2   “I am very happy with Wrekin View, and believe it’s a very good school.  They are a strong team, and work well with each other and the children.”

Year 2   “Brilliant teachers”

Year 3   “My comments are that the school should keep the same teachers and some fun activities”

Year 3   “I feel there have been a lot of improvements this academic year, especially concerning behaviour of adults and pupils on the playground.  Information about pupil progress is much better.  Better notice is needed to warn parents of assemblies etc.

Year 4   “Thank you!”

Year 4   “Very pleased with school so far this year, at the end of the last school year it was going downhill but the new head has already made big improvements”

Year 4   “My son feels like he gets left out at playtime, he would also like more food for his dinner”

Year 4   “Unsettling year change of teachers”

Year 5   “Strongly feel that overall things are moving in the right direction.  I feel much better informed about targets and what my daughter needs to do to improve.”

Year 5   “homework seems hard at times”

Year 5   “I think he could do with a little more help, and to help him with distraction”

Year 5   “Although some of my answers are negative, I hope the school is taking appropriate actions around concerns that I have raised.  If the steps the school have put in place are successful, my opinion in future surveys will be far more positive”

Year 6   “The school is very well managed and seems very good and a happy place to be”

2014 Spring Term Parents Evening

Reception "Good support in Foundation Stage"

Reception "Excellent range of activities/hands on learning in Reception"

Reception "Friendly, warm environment througout the School"

Y4 "We find out teacher to be a truly excellent teacher"

Y6 "Encourage children to try their best"

Y6 "The School is child focused and committed to all...."

Harvest Festival - Oct 2013

Reception "was lovely to see the children singing and enjoying the festival and the children were so well behaved"

Y1 "Excellent!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Brough a tear to my eye"

Y1 "Absolutey Fantastic! I love these types of assemblies"

Reception "FAB, FAB, FAB!"

Y2 "so lovely to see all the hard work the children have put in, it is great to have Harvest in school, makes the children appreciate what they have and be thankful for everything"

Reception "it was lovely to see the children enjoying singing and dancing.  Thank you for this assembly, we loved it!"

Reception & Y2 "lovely to be able to come and share with what the children have been doing.  Many thanks"

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