Mr A Pembleton BEd (Hons) NPQH
'Learning Together to Achieve Forever'

Suspicious Skull

Our lesson had just begun when Mr Garner interrupted and explained he had found two unusual objects in the forest school area. He suspected they were from the Stone Age but he required our help to identify the objects further. We walked into the forest school to see an area which was cornered off with tape. As we looked closer we could see a small skull and some flint. After discussing the skulls and it’s features, we concluded that the skull must belong to a Sabre-toothed Cat. Alex Bartusiak suggested “In the Stone Age they made tools out of flint, so they could have been hunting this Sabre-toothed Cat.” As Mr Garner left it in our capable hands, we decided we would write some questions down to interview him the following day. We are then going to use these quotes in our newspaper reports.